Abbas Institute of Modern Studies (AIMS) was affiliated with Virtual University of Pakistan in 2003. After getting status of Private Campus, Virtual University authorities also awarded Exam Centre status from the very start of the University. Because of excellent facilites, Virtual University test all their new software like exam softwares at our campus.


The following courses are offered in affiliation with Virtual University of Pakistan.


Graduation Courses


Course                                                        Duration

BSc (Computer Science)                         2 years

B.Com                                                         2 years 

BBA                                                              2 years

B.A. (Mass Comm & PSY)                       2 years


BS in Computer Science                         4 years 

BS Information Technology                     4 years

BS in Business Administration              4 years 

BS in Public Administration                    4 years

BS in Commerece                                    4 years 

BS in Accounting & Finance                    4 years 

BS in Mass Communication                   4 years 

BS in Psychology                                       4 years 



Post Graduation Courses


Course                                                        Duration

Master of information Technology         2 years

Master of Computer Science                  2 years


Master in Business Administration      3.5 years



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