1st Alumni Dinner -2020


Cambridge Madrasa-tul-Banat for the first time hosted a dinner in the honor of its old students on 4th January 2020. It was a mega event for the old students, as well as current 10th class students. The event was truly an affair to remember.


The guests started to arrive at 4:00 pm. They toured the school and recalled the memories, they had cherished here in Cambridge Madrasa-tul-Banat. They were very happy to see their institute, which shaped their lives. The official function began at 5:00 pm with the usual assembly prayer and national anthem. Old students were invited on stage to share their words with the audience. At 7:00 pm dinner was being served and guests were pleased with the food items and the ambiance of the hall.


After having dinner, the guests were requested to leave their hand impressions and comments on the wall, specially designed for the purpose. And the dinner ended with lots of good memories to cherish with. Such events help old students, to get back with each other and recollect good old days. The management is looking forward to hosting the function again so that more and more memories will be made and more and more laughers will be shared.



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