Abbas Institute of Modern Studies (AIMS)
Virtual University Campus
Abbas Institute of Modern Studies, 13 – B, Lake Road, Lahore.
Ph: 042-37117726, 37359610

About AIMS


The establishment of AIMS is a milestone towards accomplishment of a vision of Founder of Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, expressed by him during his visit to Madrasat-ul-banat in 1942 at Julandar (India). The vision was, infact, a highest tribute and appreciation for the institute, Quote “One day it would become a Women University”.


To pay homage to Maulana Abdul Haq Abbas, a great educationist of the time, a firm believer of Islamic ideology and founder of our century old educational and welfare institution and acknowledge his life long contributions and meritorious services for the development of education for the female youth, the Executive Committee of Anjuman Madrasat-ul-Banat had passed a unanimous resolution to call the newly established modern studies centre after his name as AIMS.


Century old history of dedicated endeavors and devotion for the supreme cause of developement of education for female youth by the founder, Maulana Abdul Haq Abbas (Late) and his predecessor Maulana Ubaid-ul- Haq Nadvi (President Anjuman Madrasat-ul-Banat at present) has been acknowledged through this brochure.


The credit goes to Maulana Ubaid-ul-Haq Nadvi and his team to successfully uphold the noble objective of the founder of Anjuman Madrasat-ul-Banat and to equip the women with Islamic Teaching apart from modern studies and maintaining the honourable status, repute and fame of Anjuman Madrasat-ul-Banat in the community of educational institutions during the present era.


The auspicious occasion was honoured by the presence of gracious personality, Mr. Imran Khan MNA.



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