Art and Science Exhibition 2022


         On 21st November 2022 an Art and science exhibition was held in Jinnah Hall of CMTB.In these exhibition junior students participated from class nursery to 5th. Students made different models and charts about science and art. Parents were also invited on that day. All the parents were admired students work.





Venus Observation Activity

(November - December 2018)


“Star Gazing Society” organized Venus (Zohra) observation activity for students from 6th to 10th grades. During the months of November and December, Venus was visible before dawn time in morning sky (South East).  Each class teacher made the spread sheet for this activity. Students marked their observation on sheet by themselves after observing Venus at the end of months.

The results are given below:


Number of students


Total students who observed Venus in the month of November: 82

Total students who observed Venus in the month of December: 79



"Solar Observation Activity" with 8th class



Solar Energy