The CMTB School Program


The School program consists of the following:-

·         The Montessori Section

·         The Primary Section

·         The Senior Section


The Montessori Section

This section follows the Montessori Method of education. The development of sensory and cognitive faculties is specially emphasized through direct object identification and the use of the Montessori apparatus. Each child is given individual attention. Modern play school methods provide opportunities for children to fell challenged, happy and secure. The children develop positive attitudes towards themselves, their environment and the learning process. Activities include indoor and out door social and creative play. Organized and controlled individual group learning are also part of the normal educational techniques.


The Primary And Senior Sections:

Teaching in these sections is designed to broaden the base of the learning process. Conceptual development is specially stressed and a comprehensive effort is made to build the learning experiences of the child on his/her innate capabilities, temperamental interest, previous experiences and skills. The fundamental aim is to provide the child with a frame work for academic success in the following years.



The following subjects are taught in a proper combination:

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Sciences, History, Geography, Arabic Holy Quran, Computer Sciences, Home Economics  & Art and Design.


Services And Facilities

·         Class rooms

·         Auditoriums

·         Art & craft rooms

·         Sports ground facilities for playing basketball, net ball, hockey, table tennis, badmintons and gymnastics.

·         Squash court

·         Tennis court

·         Library

·         Computer library

·         Science laboratory

·         Zoological garden

·         Botanical garden

·         Audio visual equipment

·         First aid for students receiving minor injuries parents are called and informed if a child needs specialist treatment.

·         Tuck shop

·         Uniform shop

·         Stationery shop

·         Lost and found

·         Security office

·         Accounts/fee bill office

·         Outdoor and indoor play areas for Montessori

·         School nurse/Ayas

·         “Muslima” a monthly school magazine regularly published since 1907.

·         After school supervision.

·         After school supervision is provided by the teacher on duty. Parents are advised to ensure that children are collected within this time. However, school chowkidar and ayas are on duty for one hour after closing time.



The school employs a school administrator, a principal, two head mistresses, class teachers, specialist teachers, teacher assistants and school nurses/ayas. The teaching faculties are Montessori trained, M.A./M.Sc, B.Ed and experienced graduates.


Annual Events And Activities:-

1.      Sports days

2.      Founders days

3.      Art & Craft Exhibition

4.      Social studies Exhibition

5.      Science exhibition

6.      Quiz competition

7.      Annual play

8.      Fun fair

9.      Debate-english & urdu

10.  Bait bazi (urdu)

11.  National song competition

12.  Na`t competion

13.  Qirat competition

14.  Field trips

15.  Color day

16.  Old student day

17.  Spring day


Annual Academic Schedule:-

The schools academic year is divided into three terms:


April-June                              ___                  First term

September-November        ___                  Second term

December-March                 ___                  Final term


Weekly Test/Term Examination

Weekly tests are given on every Monday. Besides he weekly assessments three other examination are held:-


Term-1                       in June

Term-2                       in November

Final-3                        in March


The Reports:-

The result of weekly test and term examinations are recorded in report cards. These reports cards have to be collected and signed by the parents.


Pass Percentage:-

In each subject a minimum of 50% is required to pass. The major subjects are English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science. A student failing in any one of these major subjects, has to take a make up exam and promotion will be decided after the retake.

The major subjects (as defined in the prospectus) will carry a double weightage as compared to the minor subjects. The eventual grade will be in a scale of twenty (20)


Discipline Code:-

Freedom does not exist without responsibility. The discipline program is intended to ensure that everyone at school shares in the responsibility of providing a sound academic environment in which to learn.

All school personnel have responsibilities to maintain control and proper conduct of students (while under the supervision of the school) and everyone has a responsibility for one’s action.


Expectation From Students:-

1.                  Show respect and courtesy to all

2.                  Respect school property and property of other students

3.                  Be punctual, neat and clean and dressed in the proper school uniform.

4.                  Complete all home work assignments allotted to them.

5.                  Take great care of books, note books and other belongings.

6.                  Bring all required academic material to class.

7.                  Take legitimate complaints, misunderstandings and dissatisfaction to the appropriate school authority.

8.                  Chwing of gum is not permitted.

9.                  Throwing litter, writing on walls and furniture is prohibited.


Unacceptable Behaviour:-

While it is not possible to anticipate all forms of unacceptable behaviour, the following will not be tolerated:-

“fighting, bad language, creating disturbances, denying others the right to school services, harming others, stealing, loud or boisterous conduct in school”.


Violation Of Rule:-

·         In case of servious discipline violation, the offender will be reprimanded and given a written warning. He/she will have to submit an apology in writing and his/her parents will also be officially intimated. Such cases may be ignored twice and the management will intensively undertake all remedial efforts for rehabilitation of gross misconduct, the student may be expelled from the institution.

·         A pupil who remains absent from school without application for a week will be struck of the rolls. His/her readmission will be subject to an appropriate parental explanation and fine.

·         Pupils will not be granted any leave of absence without written application, properly signed by parents. They will be fined Rs.20/ per day if they remained absent without an application.

·         Students damaging school property will be duly charged for breakage.

·         If a student is found guilty of unfair means in exam, wither giving or taking undue assistance, he/she will face disciplinary action and will be awarded zero marks in the relevant script.

·         The practice of removing students from school for vacations or early leave for holidays is strongly discourged. If, due to any emergency, it is necessary to remove a student for leave, parents should contact the principal to justify the need before departure. The responsibility for make-up work rests with the students(4,10).


Parents anticipating early permanent withdrawal of their child should notify the principal office at least one month in advance. This will enable the office to prepare the appropriate record. Early departures at the end of the academic year are regarded as most undesireable. Final term grades are usually not given if a student withdraws before the term is completed.


Parents-Teacher Meeting:-

The school management believes that education is an interactive and collaborative process in which parent’s participation is very essential. The management highly regards the advisory input from parents and the concerned citizens. Parents teacher meetings are held thrice a year at the end of each term.


Parent-Principal Meeting:-

Parents/Guardian desirous of meeting the principal may do so with prior appointments.


Admission Rules:-

The children having prior registration will be given preference for admission to Montessori classes. Lateral entries to other classes will be strictly limited and subject to merit decided by entry test and the availability of seats. The students sill be tested on three subjects ie. English, Urdu and Math. Parents applying for admission are requested to submit last school leaving certificate, birth certificate and two passport size photographs with the admission form.

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